Make Sure You Build On Solid, Even Ground

We offer quality grading services in Turlock or Modesto, CA & the surrounding areas!

An asphalt surface is only as good as the ground underneath it. Paving on uneven ground will lead to a lot of costly issues later. Ensure your ground is smooth and level with grading services from the local experts.

PAVECO Asphalt Construction is a preferred grading contractor in Modesto & Turlock, CA with years of experience. Don't risk paving on ground that isn't properly prepared. Our dedicated team holds their work to the highest standards in the industry.

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Say goodbye to puddles

Say goodbye to puddles

An asphalt surface that hasn't been prepared by an experienced grading contractor might be at risk of poor drainage. If you've ever crossed a parking lot or road that puddles immediately after rain, that's a clear sign it was never graded properly. It's expensive and time consuming to repair uneven land later. PAVCO Asphalt Construction will ensure your asphalt is paved on the perfect foundation.

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